Weekly update 31 (Sydney Opera House edition)

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Another beautiful spot today while I’m back in Sydney working on the agenda for NDC here in August. It’s a quick trip albeit one very jammed-packed as we work through over 700 talk submissions and try to distil them down to the best ~135 of the bunch. There’s a few weeks of early bird tickets left so if you’re down here in Aus (or feel like a holiday), get in and grab them cheap.

This week, I’m really excited about this:

All of us who create things for other people love to see them being positively received. Amongst the many courses that have done very well over the years, I’ve never been able to break through the 4.x mark and hit a perfect 5.0. This makes me enormously happy not just to see the course doing well, but to see so many developers embracing HTTPS and moving the industry forward in a positive direction so kudos to everyone who’s played a role in doing that. I also talk metadata, StartCom, another new Pluralsight course and yet another data breach in HIBP.

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  1. The HTTPS course on Pluralsight is killing it! (this is stuff every developer should know to help us move to a “secure by default” web transport layer)
  2. Mandatory metadata retention laws are making things worse (no, it doesn’t matter what’s actually being stored, what matters is that it’s driving the uptake of VPNs)
  3. Get rid of your StartCom certs! (they’re going to break your site pretty soon, get a Let’s Encrypt cert or use Cloudflare)
  4. There’s a lot of sites with StartCom certs that are going to break (wait and see what happens once Chrome 58 hits…)
  5. New Pluralsight course on Azure (do more with Azure than websites – storage, web jobs, functions – heaps of demos!)
  6. Fashion Fantasy Game got pwned (seems like a heap of people knew about it… except for them)
  7. Gold Security are sponsoring me this week (you’ll see them a bunch more this year, big thanks to those guys!)

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