Weekly update 32

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Home again and blog wise, it was a quiet week. I’ve been working on some new material you’ll see next month as well as preparing for upcoming Europe travels where I’ve got a heap of events to get to. I’ve got a new Lenovo to show you in this update plus I do talk quite a bit about that one blog post on building out a Ubiquiti network for my brother and his family which I’m now kinda jealous of! All that and a few other things in the update below, I’ve got a few extra things in the works for next week.

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  1. Here’s the full specs on that Lenovo Yoga 910 (get the silver if you don’t like fingerprints!)
  2. I spoke at the Global Azure Bootcamp, Brisbane edition (that’s a link to the Ignite talk, same content)
  3. “What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS” is killing it! (been up to number 9 out of more than 6k courses and rating 5.0 out of 5 stars!)
  4. I built a new network in a new(ish) house with Ubiquiti (I’m so happy with this, I wish my house was this cool…)
  5. Gold Security are sponsoring me this week (you’ll see them a bunch more this year, big thanks to those guys!)

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