Weekly update 33 (sunrise edition)

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Wow, what a day! I got up at about 3:30 this morning and have been going non-stop dealing with the masses of feedback as a result of the billion-and-a-bit breached records I’m presently loading into HIBP. I talk about it in the blog post, but the “small” one of 458 million records is already loaded and as I type this, at about 17:30 Friday, the big one of almost 600M is still a long way off (probably mid-morning for me tomorrow). Anyway, between other commitments and the looong lead-time of uploading a couple of GB of video file over Aussie bandwidth, this week’s update happened at sunrise out the back of my house. The lighting it far from ideal but the audio is good so I hope you enjoy listening to it if not watching it.

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  1. There are some really screwy security things out there (perhaps due to the mention of beer, this is already one of my most popular blog posts ever!)
  2. Well, we went nearly 2 weeks before screwing up our mandatory metadata retention scheme (anyone anywhere storing data has to acknowledge that it may be lost or improperly accessed)
  3. I built some cool stuff with Microsoft Flow (I love this because it’s simple, functional and free)
  4. Yeah, that billion breached record thing I mentioned… (hackers make lists of creds, tests them on sites and pwn your things – here’s who’s in the lists)
  5. Netsparker is back on the sponsor bar (as I’ve said many times before, I do genuinely use these guys and they do some very cool testing tools)

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