Weekly update 34

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The big news this week has been dealing with that massive volume of data I loaded into HIBP a week ago. A combination of the mechanics of getting it loaded, the flood of feedback once I did and actually trying to prepare myself for upcoming talks has made it a bit of a crazy week. If I’m honest, I’m feeling a bit run down from it all and need to take it a bit easier before heading away in a couple of weeks’ time. Be that as it may, this has been a full-on week and I’ve captured the highlights below:

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  1. Here’s some guidance from the Aussie government on GDPR (my GDPR course should be live soon, extraterritoriality is a big part of it)
  2. I loaded more than 1 billion new records into HIBP… (two massive combo lists with hundreds of thousands of my subscribers in there)
  3. …and then I spent a heap of time explaining why I can’t give people their passwords (I get why people want this data, but it’s an absolute minefield and of questionable benefit)
  4. My dentist got their cybers pwned (it was more painful listening to this unfold than it was being in the dentist’s chair)
  5. Here’s a free course on Ransomware (heaps of business are woefully unprepared for ransomware, worth a watch and a share)
  6. Netsparker is back on the sponsor bar (as I’ve said many times before, I do genuinely use these guys and they do some very cool testing tools)

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