Weekly update 4 (London edition)

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Another week in another faraway place. Since the last update in Edinburgh I’ve spent a couple of days in Glasgow, a couple of days in the middle of that in Speyside, a couple of days in Copenhagen then a few nights in London. That’s put me a day behind when I would have liked to have published this post but hey, not bad all things considering I reckon, especially given the spot I found to records it:


  1. You might end up on a SAN cert with “unexpected” neighbours (yes, there’s a lot of porn on Paul’s cert but no, it really doesn’t have any practical impact beyond perception)
  2. Modern Business Solutions is (allegedly) the source of a 58 million record breach (that’s a lot of data and there’s 34k HIBP subscribers in there too, but they won’t know how MBS got their data)
  3. No, you won’t go to jail for using HTTPS on your blog (the perfect headline for people who like to get hysterical about nothing)
  4. Planning out January workshops (I’m still in the midst of this European trip, but I’m already planning the next one, yell out if you’d like me to run a private event early next year)

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