Weekly update 41 (Southampton edition)

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Into week 5 of travel now and I’m in Southampton on the south coast of England. The family holidaying is over and it’s back to workshops and user groups for the remainder of the trip both here in the UK then back in the Netherlands next week.

Despite the schedule, I managed to pump out a quick blog post on what remains one of the most astoundingly insane security / privacy implementation I’ve seen – Strawberrynet. This has to be seen to be believed and the backstory I talk about in this week’s update is stranger than fiction. Crazy stuff but hey, this sort of thing keeps me employed!

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  1. Back in August, Strawberrynet had an insane enumeration problem… (the original post, surely they’ll fix this, right?!)
  2. …then they somehow made it even worse! (this week’s post shows their insane attempt at obfuscating personal data)
  3. I’ll be speaking in Amsterdam on Monday 3 (courtesy of TomTom, it’s “Clouds, Codes and Cybers”)
  4. Then I’ll be in Nieuwegein a couple of days later on Wednesday 5 (this time via Ordina doing “Lessons From Billions of Breached Records”)
  5. Followed by a public 2 day “Hack Yourself First” workshop (Ordina in Nieuwegein again, last one for this trip!)
  6. Exabeam is sponsoring me this week (big thanks to those guys and their log management gear!)

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