Weekly update 43

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I’m home! After that crazy travel schedule (6 weeks and 1 day in all, thank you very much) I’m back in my own bed with some peace and quiet and… jet lag. It’s always worse coming home from Europe, a combination of flying east (I travel over two short nights) and frankly, just being worn out at the end of a long journey. Regardless I had a pretty massive week on the blog and consequently, this is my longest every weekly update at almost 40 minutes.

This week, I somehow came across a lot of “crazies”. Windows Update crazies, Indian cricket crazies, HTTPS crazies and Cloudflare crazies. Now I’m not trying to be disingenuous here, but when some of these folks mounted arguments such as “because this guy is a really good cricketer and we think he’s a god it’s cool for him to ask 17 million people to publicly dox their friends”. Just listen to the update where there’s that, preparing yourself for breach and a lot of stuff on how the march towards HTTPS on everything is about to ramp up. Enjoy!

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  1. There’s a lot of data breaches being deliberately covered up (this is genuinely worrying and reflects very poorly on the companies involved)
  2. You should be practicing for a data breach the way you do for DRP (Avanti Markets has done a great job of their breach disclosure, this doesn’t happen by accident!)
  3. You’ve really gotta HTTPS all your things ASAP (more browser shaming is coming in October, get with the picture already!)
  4. Cloudflare is a great way of doing HTTPS, but some people are losing their minds over it (there’s a serious loss of perspective happening)
  5. Terbium Labs is sponsoring me this week (big thanks to them and their Matchlight dark web data intelligence service)

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