Weekly update 44

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This was one of those weeks where time disappeared on totally unplanned things, namely due to the debate that raged on over days about certs (get popcorn then read upwards and downwards from there). I stayed well and truly clear of that once it got heated, but I then spent the better part of two days researching, thinking and writing the a near-6000 word piece on this (don’t worry, there are lots of pictures too). I find this a genuinely interesting issue and egos aside, there are certainly some bigger picture, longer term issues we need to address. I talk about that and much more in this week’s update.

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  1. Here’s the stuff I will, won’t and may respond to (I’m just overwhelmed with messages, sorry I can’t reply to everyone!)
  2. Sorry our politicians talked about security (I know plenty of them screw up their crypto explanations but wow, our guys…)
  3. Have a listen to Alastair MacGibbon talk about gov interception of messages on the Risky Business podcast (I don’t agree with it all, but it’s important for perspective)
  4. I wrote a very big blog post about certs (there are a lot of angles to this and it’s a big read, but worth understanding IMHO)
  5. Raygun is sponsoring my blog again this week (genuinely love – and extensively use – the service these guys have created)

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