Weekly update 45

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This week I’ve had my head down working on a new course for Ubiquiti, the guys who make the very fine wifi things I now have in my house and since writing about them, many others do too. I’ll be sharing more about that in the coming weeks but whilst I had the parts handy, I thought I’d show folks what would be going into the build I’ll do next week.

The other major thing this week was the blog post about modernising our approach to passwords. I honestly didn’t expect this to be so well received and it looks like it’s been read over 100k times in the last 48 hours! I suspect people are just sick of inane password rules and practices and the post was music to their ears, not least of which because it’s based on guidance by NIST and the NCSC so a couple of authoritative resources right there. Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s been well received and that people are finding it so useful. That and more in this week’s update.

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  1. I’m creating a Ubiquiti UniFi course based on blog posts like this (it’ll be a free vid, hopefully out next month)
  2. Here’s a post using the in-wall units I showed in today’s update video (this is what I decked out my brother’s house with, they’re very slick!)
  3. As I say in this talk about “Hack Your Career”, I’m ok if sometimes some people aren’t happy with me (someone didn’t like me mentioning Trump (once) in a tweet)
  4. Passwords have evolved! (this is a long post with a heap of comments already, must read if it’s news to you)
  5. Raygun is still sponsoring me this week (I’m still using them with HIBP on a daily basis!)

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