Weekly update 46

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This has been an insane week, not least because of spending the day yesterday installing a Ubiquiti network as part of my upcoming course. A heap of fun, but one little glitch threw my day out. Another glitch with my Pwned Passwords service threw my day today out so I’m going to sign off here, leave you with the vid and go grab a well-deserved 🍺

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  1. I’ve been kinda in love with Ubiquiti gear since November (the course should be out this month, I’m rather happy with it so far 😀)
  2. Responsible disclosure remains a hard thing to do… responsibly (Kids Pass decided to block me on Twitter rather than allow me to communicate a serious issue with them)
  3. Pastes on HIBP have been awesome, but I’m no longer listing them publicly (this is just one more example of “over time, I need to adapt the service to protect people’s data”)
  4. Pwned Passwords! This has gone massive very quickly 🙂 (I did indeed add the missing ones I was stressing about so there’s another 4% of passwords in there now)
  5. Barkly is sponsoring my blog this week (I love having repeat sponsors, I’m enormously happy that this model is working for everyone)

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