Weekly update 47

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Last update before travelling again, but fortunately it’s just a cruisy 9-hour drive down to Sydney for NDC then a week of snowboarding (yeah Australia has snow). I’ll be doing a workshop at NDC and I’ll also be doing one in Melbourne next month so check that out if you’re around that way.

This week, an SEO bloke wearing pyjamas talked about how HTTPS was unnecessary, attempted to silence any naysayers and then eventually recanted and deleted his original views. It’s odd, because they were the same views as the psychic SEO lady who’d been reincarnated 17 times… That weirdness and more in this week’s update!

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AD pwned passwords

  1. I’ve got a public 2-day workshop in Sydney next week (last chance to get in on that one!)
  2. Or catch me in Melbourne next month (plenty of time for that one, I have no other public Aussie workshops planned at this time)
  3. Check out how my Pwned Passwords can be used in AD (this is precisely the sorts of use cases I was hoping for)
  4. Neil Patel doesn’t like HTTPS. Neil Patel was wrong. Neil Patel has since deleted his videos. (I’m kinda gobsmacked we’re still having these discussions…)
  5. Gold Security is sponsoring my blog again this week (big thanks to those guys, another repeat sponsor who fortuitously landed on a very busy blog week 😀)

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