Weekly update 58

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I’m between (short domestic) trips, I’m playing with my new iPad and I’m working on something really, really cool I’m going to be talking about next week. Seriously, this is a big thing that’s been in the works for a while now and I’ll be covering it in detail in the next update.

For now, I’ve caught up on the whole IoT warning thing I totally overlooked last week. Frankly, it’s just as well given how long that one was, the whole South Africa situation is still a very serious incident that has a long way to play out yet. But moving onto this week, I explain the deal with winning a Lenovo ThinkPad – what it is, how I’m able to give it to someone and most importantly, how you can win it! So get in there and do something awesome with HIBP, you’ve got just under 2 weeks, go!

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  1. I missed the IoT warnings piece last week so I’ve carried it forward to today (what if we actually put warnings on them like we do cigarette packs?)
  2. Win a Lenovo ThinkPad! (but you’ve gotta do something awesome with HIBP)
  3. Symantec is sponsoring again this week (there’s a white paper on that page talking about browser warnings and HTTPS too, pretty topical right now!)

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