Weekly Update 68

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It’s 2018! All new year and already someone has gone and broken our computer things courtesy of the Meltdown and Spectre bugs. I only touch briefly on them in this week’s update and I refer people to my Twitter timeline for good coverage I’ve shared. However, there’s one resource which stands out above the others and it’s this thread from Graham Sutherland. If you want to get a good overview quickly, start there.

In other news, I talk about all the NDC events I have coming up:

How I got stranded on an island with Kevin Mitnick:

And how my Twitter timeline is, well, my Twitter timeline!

Plus, I spend a bunch of time talking about the year that was in 2017. Enjoy!

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  1. I had a pretty crazy 2017 (I hope my video commentary gives you a bit more of a sense of how I feel about the year)
  2. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog again this week (it’s about to get a very good workout courtesy of a lot of upcoming talks and workshops too)

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