Weekly Update 70 (NDC London Edition)

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It’s NDC London! I’m pushing this week’s update out a little later due to the different time zones and frankly, due to it being an absolutely non-stop week of events. I talk about those, about how I’m trying to tackle breach disclosures now and about some upcoming events.

Next week is Norway and Denmark and I’ll be coming to you a little later due to a totally jam-packed Friday, more from me then.

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  1. I’m at NDC London! (my talks are done and they’ll be online in the coming weeks so until then, here’s a bunch of previous ones)
  2. Here’s how I’m handling breach disclosures (this is a really important part of how I’m handling HIBP, more feedback is welcome)
  3. Tech Fabric is sponsoring my blog this week (brand new sponsor, check ’em out!)

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