Weekly Update 75

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Every now and then, I look at one of the videos I’ve just recorded and only realise then how tired I look. This was one of those weeks and it was absolutely jam-packed! There was some awesome stuff and there was some very frustrating stuff. Let me add briefly to the latter here:

The joy of participating in online communities is that we have these melting pots of diverse backgrounds and ideas all coming together in the one place. A huge portion of what I’ve learned personally has come from very robust debates within these communities and in turn, I hope others have also learned from me. These discussions are awesome; they make us all better people and better professionals. Some people in those chats turned out to be pretty aggressive yesterday but rather than focus on the negative, I thought I’d share a talk titled “Hack Your Career” (deep-linked to right point, watch 3 and a half minutes worth from there) and in particular, this quote:

Weekly Update 75

Now, onto the good stuff and because this one went for more than an hour, I’m listing the times different bits are talked about here so you can jump directly to bits of interest:

03:52 – Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach Scheme
11:40 – We’re going all HTTPS (and some people are pretty angry about that)
22:40 – The defences (and rebuttals) of EV certs
44:00 – Pwned Passwords (this is the good stuff!)

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  1. Australia now has a mandatory disclosure law (it’s called the “Notifiable Data Breach Scheme” or “NDB” here, this is a webinar I did on it yesterday)
  2. DoesMySiteNeedHTTPS.com (yes, and that link has all the reasons why)
  3. I did actually go and get an EV cert a couple of years ago (and there were a bunch of hoops to jump through)
  4. My blog on the futility of EV certs (the more you think about it, the less sense they make today)
  5. In my “I’m Pwned. You’re Pwned. We’re All Pwned.” talk, I cover EV (this is the one you want to watch to understand why it doesn’t work, watch from the deep-linked point in the video where I ask the audience questions, it’s really telling)
  6. Pwned Passwords V2 – I’m pretty stoked about this (that’s the whole background story, it’s a long read but I wanted it to be complete)
  7. Tech Fabric are sponsoring my blog this week (and they picked an awesome week to do it too!)

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