Weekly Update 79

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Home again which means more time to blog and per the intro to this week’s update, time to catch up on how HIBP is tracking. Here’s the 2 tweets with some stats I mention at the start of this week’s update:

Other than that, the big thing on the agenda this week is my post on the legitimisation of HIBP. For me, this is a big deal; I’ve been so cautious with how this service has been positioned and I’m really happy to see it where it is today. Hopefully the video conveys a little more of the sentiment about that than what might be immediately apparent in the blog post but yeah, I’m happy 😎

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  1. HIBP has emerged out of a pretty shadowy area in the last year (it means a lot to me personally to see where it sits today)
  2. Tech Fabric is sponsoring my blog this week (big thanks to those guys, they’re helping people do x-plat apps with .NET and JavaScript)

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