Weekly update 9

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Lots on this week and I’m very happy to have finally got myself organised and set up an audio podcast feed. It’s getting a heap of downloads already so obviously, people did actually want it and frankly, I’m sorry I didn’t get it organised earlier! That and much more in this week’s update

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  1. Get these weekly updates as a podcast! (it’s been requested since day 1 and I finally got around to doing it)
  2. Niall and I did a Pluralsight course on Exploring the Internet of Vulnerabilities (this is the one that should make people scared to go online…)
  3. Disqus screwed up and served mixed content so I fixed it with a CSP (the upgrade-insecure-requests directive worked wonders!)
  4. I’m a bit sick of false claims about data breaches (it’s easy not to check your facts and hide behind a veil of anonymity whilst making slanderous claims)
  5. GeekedIn (probably) lost your GitHub data and you’ve (probably) never even heard of them (pro tip: if you don’t put a password on your MongoDB, people will find it and they will take your data)
  6. Upcoming events (yes, it’s travel time again)
    1. DDD Brisbane
    2. NDC London
    3. Visug Belgium
    4. ZION SECURITY Belgium
    5. Copenhagen workshop (no link yet, contact me for details)
    6. Ignite Australia
    7. RSA in the USA

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