Weekly Update 91

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We’re at NDC Oslo! We found a spot on the floor and recorded this a couple of hours before doing our final talk of the event. In this video, we discuss some of what we were planning to cover in that talk, namely HTTPS anti-vaxxers as Scott wrote about earlier in the week. And how did it go? Apparently, exceptionally well!

I think there’s something that just really resonates with people when they see speakers enjoying a talk. If you’re happy they’re happy and yes, of course you need the content to back it up, but enthusiasm carries you a very long way. It probably also helped that Scott presented both of us with a very nice gift whilst on stage (watch this week’s video for context):

The talk we did was not recorded, we wanted to keep it off the record and light-hearted. However, if you’re around NDC Sydney in September you can watch it all again then. For now, enjoy this week’s update:

Weekly Update 91
Weekly Update 91


  1. HTTPS Anti-Vaxxers; dispelling common arguments against securing the web (Scott’s take-down of those who believe HTTPS is unnecessary / evil / whatever)
  2. Trips like these are enormously demanding (this is a day-by-day blog post I wrote a couple of years ago)
  3. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog this week (long time user and lover of their product!)

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