Weekly Update 98

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It’s the coffee-machine weekly update! A slight change of scenery but other than that, it’s business as usual. I’m going to keep this intro super-brief because it’s very near beer o’clock and I have a very important task to go and take care of:

Weekly Update 98
Weekly Update 98
Weekly Update 98


  1. Fashion Nexus suffered a data breach (“Is there an official statement?” – “No”)
  2. The 5 stages of data breach grief (companies can deny all they want, but if they’ve been breached, eventually they’ll reach the acceptance phase)
  3. GitHub is now using Pwned Passwords (they’ve taken a local copy of the data and check your password at login)
  4. Even the free Cloudflare plan can get you a 99% cache hit ratio (WhyNoHTTPS.com is getting 99.0% on requests and 99.5% of bandwidth)
  5. We released an updated data set for WhyNoHTTPS.com (that post also explains more about the process and how people are getting HTTPS wrong or incomplete)
  6. Tech Fabric is sponsoring my blog this week (another regular sponsor, thanks guys!)

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