Weekly Update 99

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It’s a traveling weekly update this week as I round out a couple of workshops in Sydney and head to Canberra. That’s thrown the normal video cadence out a bit with me recording on a Thursday night (hence the beer) and publishing on a Friday morning, but there’s a heap of stuff in there regardless.

This week, I’m talking about a couple of different data breaches and delve into the Adult-FanFiction one in particular. Just read that thread I link to in the references below, wow… But there’s also a few new Pluralsight courses in “Play by Play” format which completes the publication cycle for everything I’ve recorded to date bar the next in the quarterly series of Creating a Security-centric Culture.

Next week I’ll be in the snow for episode 100. If you have any great ideas about what I should be doig for the first triple-digit episode, share it in the comments below.

Weekly Update 99
Weekly Update 99
Weekly Update 99


  1. Darknet Diaries was the podcast I was trying to remember the name of (apologies, it’s not “Dark Reading”)
  2. The Adult-FanFiction.Org breach denial thread (just… read it)
  3. The Bug Bounties for Researches course is now live! (it’s Casey Ellis and I on Pluralsight)
  4. The JavaScript Keyloggers course is now live! (that one is John Ellis and I, also on Pluralsight)
  5. And… the Modern Browser Security Reports course is also live (Scott Helme this time, plus a little outake of his language issues 😂)
  6. Gold Security is sponsoring my blog again this week (big thanks to another long-time sponsor!)

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