Well Done Neha !!

Information security is an exciting industry to work in. It has a lot of brilliant, talented, and intelligent people looking at ways to better protect our systems, data, and infrastructure. At BH Consulting we pride ourselves on being a part of this industry and for setting a high bar of excellence for ourselves.

So there was great excitement in the BH Consulting offices a number of weeks ago when our very own Neha Thethi was notified that she was a nominee in the 2015 Women in Security Awards. The nomination for the Academic Award recognises the great work that Neha has done for BH Consulting in developing and delivering our services and for her well regarded research into Cloud Security and forensics.

While Neha did not win the overall prize, that was won by Rachel Sitarz of Purdue University, we are delighted to see her achievements to date being recognised at an international level. Of course now that she has achieved this goal, the bar has been raised for next year :)

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