We’re celebrating Sysadmin Day! Are you?

It’s that time of year again – the day when we all give thanks to the men and women who keep everything working so everyone else can keep working.

If you’re a sysadmin, we’ve got plenty of treats for you today.

It’s Friday, and it’s YOUR day, so how about some fun stuff to keep you occupied while you’re whiling away the hours until the weekend?

Sophos has been celebrating all things retro this week with its very own game, IT Inferno. Everyone who plays gets a free slap bracelet or pair of retro socks, and the top 25 high scorers every day win a pretty sweet retro lunchbox.

What’s more, if you tweet a photo of you holding a piece of 80s tech hardware (with #SophosRetroWeek), you’ll be in the running to win a custom arcade console packed with hundreds of games from the 80s. But hurry, the competition closes today!

Once you’re done with the game-playing, how about taking a look at our computer rules from days gone by, or you could (not) fondly reminisce with us about old-school malware.

If you’re not a Sysadmin, you might want to take a look at our translation guide to find out what they hear when you casually drop by their desk with a ‘short’ request. At 5.15 pm. On a Friday.

If you think the Sysadmin in your life deserves a bit of recognition, why not treat them to something fun today from the Sophos Store. There are laptop stickers, socks (lots of socks), hats, T-shirts, lunch boxes and more, and we ship pretty much worldwide, with a few exceptions.

Still want more? Whether you’re a Sysadmin or not, why not try entering “Asteroids” into the search bar above?

Image of heart courtesy of Shutterstock.

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