yarAnalyzer – Yara Rule Analyzer and Statistics Generator

usage: yarAnalyzer.py [h] p path [s sigpath] [e ext] [i identifier]

                      [m maxsize] [l maxstring] [f firstbytes] [excel]

                      [noempty] [printAll] [debug]

yarAnalyzer Yara Rules Statistics and Analysis

optional arguments:

  h, help      show this help message and exit

  p path         Path to scan

  s sigpath      Path to signature files

  e ext          signature extension

  i identifier   Set an identifier will be used in filename

                  identifier_rule_stats.csv and identifier_file_stats.csv

  m maxsize     Max file size in MB (default=10)

  l maxstring   Max filename/rulename string length in command line output

  f firstbytes  Number of first bytes to show in output

  excel         Add extras to suppress automatic conversion in Microsoft


  noempty       Dont show empty values

  printAll      Print all files that are scanned

  debug         Debug output

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